According to the latest trends, the spring and summer season is an explosion of creativity and innovation. Women's Lingerie becomes light, airy with a bit of nonchalance. It is dominated by strong and energetic colors and motifs of flowers and ornaments. The whole is divided into four thematic blocks: Floral Garden, Erotic Garden, Garden of Mind and Techno Garden.

Floral Garden - This trend draws attention to enjoying every day. We focus on the joy of being ourselves! A naive and at the same time romantic approach to life. Light frivolity and spontaneity. For this season designers have proposed strongly eclectic silhouettes. Floral and deciduous motifs are combined in juicy pink and sweet pastel colors.

Erotic Garden - Lines designed in this trend are sexy and stimulate the imagination. This is an outbreak of oriental and exotic sensuality. The woman who puts on such underwear is unique and confident. Like an aphrodisiac, it tempts you subtly. Designers this season, inspired by the play of light and shade, offer transparency and the effect of tattooing. The whole has been preserved in the colors of black, gold and strong red.

Garden Of Mind - The leitmotif is human contact with nature. Balance between the outside world and our inner self. This trend draws attention to aspects of life such as peace of mind and longevity. Particular attention has been paid to comfort during use. Soft, skin-friendly materials were used and the colors are all shades of earth - beige, cream, white and gray.

Techno Garden - The trend is on physical effort, fun and new, innovative solutions. Fashionable color combinations, flash, and laser cuts. The whole is preserved in a futuristic atmosphere.




Once a women's lingerie was a shameful and embarrassing subject and in the first place it was a convenience and functionality. Currently, classic lingerie is created by designers with a view to discover the beauty of the woman, its uniqueness and charm. And, along with practicality and comfort, there is also high aesthetics , sensual and seductive look. Classic lingerie can meet all the expectations of women, especially if it is properly matched to the female figure and its hidden nature. From the very wide range of classic women’s lingerie on, we present both extremely sexy and sensual lace lingerie as well as subtle and universal smooth underwear. White lace lingerie or beige smooth lingerie is a proposal for women who value comfort and convenience on a daily basis. A sensual black lace lingerie or sexy red lace lingerie are dedicated for special occasions for women who want to look extremely sexy and sensual.





Fashion lingerie is a completely new and different direction from classic. Breaking the erotic taboo and going against the grain of what is commonly known is a characteristic feature of this imaginative lingerie. Putting on sophisticated  designs, unconventional solutions, surprising combinations of colors, individuality and a bit of refined piquancy,designers strive to bring a breath of freshness not only to the alcove but also to the daily lives of women. The mainstream is sheer lingerie where the transparent materials are combined with lace. In this way, subtly reveal the secret of feminine coquetry, proving that the women's underwear designed by them can add class and elegance even in the most intimate moments. At we present both sensual and sexy red sheer lingerie. As well as an elegant and subtle black exclusive sheer lingerie. Choosing a fashion sheer lingerie, every woman should be guided by her taste, comfort and figure and do not accept any compromises.





The crowning of femininity regardless of age, figure and size is undoubtedly sensual elegance. This idea guides designers of exclusive lingerie at every stage of production, from design to the sewing process. They want the luxurious underwear they design in every situation to give the woman such an important sense of self-confidence and awareness of her own worth and unique beauty. Refined, elegant and at the same time giving a sense of extraordinary comfort  exclusive lingerie is the object of desire for every woman. It is also the underwear most often bought by men and given to women as gifts. Exclusive lingerie is characterized not only by the elegance of fashions and excellent materials and sewing but foremost the desire to expose women's to most seductive qualities in an extremely subtle and sensual way. At we present a wide range of exclusive women's lingerie and nightwear. Our offer is so rich that each of the ladies should find something for themselves.





Sensual elegance is the feature of women's nightwear which is characterized by a stylish and sophisticated pattern that every woman would feel special. Nightwear for women not only provides comfort, but also serves as an exquisite and sensual frame for the female body. From the wide range of women's nightwear, we offer sensual nightdresses, subtle chemises, sexy babydolls, comfortable night sets, elegant robes, exclusive peignoirs and much more. Women's sleepwear are also in different styles, more classic as a proposal for women who value comfort and convenience during sleep. As well as women's nightwear more sensual and bold as a suggestion for ladies to want to seduce and look extremely sexy. Presented on women's sleepwear is a huge range of different types of clothes for sleeping and more. Every woman, even the most demanding, will find something suitable for her in our offer to feel comfortable and at the same time look very sensual and sexy.





Beautiful and elegant swimwear is an absolute must have of every woman. Women's swimwear should be not only stylish and consistent with the latest fashion trends. But above all, to emphasize the strengths of a woman's figure, mask the weaknesses and fit the personality. The most important thing is that the woman should feel confident and comfortale at the same time emanating her beauty and sex appeal at the beach. At, while maintaining a huge variety of designs and colors, every woman will be able to find the right swimwear for herself. Which will not only match her figure, but also enjoy the eye and emphasize her qualities. For the sake of comfort and perfect appearance, we offer both women's swimwear with push-up inserts perfectly correct minor imperfections and emphasize small breasts. As well as swimwear with soft cups that beautifully expose larger breasts. The women's swimwear offer includes both two-piece classic bikini sets as well as elegant swimsuits. Browse our offer and see what women's swimwear are fashionable this season. 






We have prepared a short guide to help you efficiently determine the right size of your bra and to give you a few tips of how to wear it healthy and prettily.


Band size is undeniably crucial when it comes to choosing the proper size of your bra. It’s also quite controversial. According to the former principles of bra-fitting it wasn’t that important, it didn’t have any special function, and hence band was much more loose than in today’s bras. Nowadays we know that if we want to relieve our shoulders and spine, we have to transfer some of the weight of our bust on our corpse. And we can do it by choosing much more tight band size. The most important thing is to measure your bust without bra. Band size shall be measured twice, loosely and tightly. Do it with the measuring tape and remember that it has to lay flat and smoothly stick to your body all along.


Your next step into establishing the new size of your bra is choosing the right size of a cup. To do it right you need to slightly bend down and measure your bust while you are naked or in a soft bra. Measurement shall be made at the height of your nipples. Remember that the measuring tape shouldn’t stick tight.


How a well-fitted bra should look like? And what are the most common mistakes in the process of fitting the bra? You will find answers to these questions in our short guide.


If your breasts are rounded and firm, the fitting of the bra shouldn’t be a problem at all because they look good in almost every styling.

However, less firm breasts, for example more full at the bottom, look best in cups that are not full and their upper line is horizontal.

For women whose breasts are asymmetric the best bra will be also with horizontal upper line or the one which upper part is made from elastic lace.


For smaller and firm breasts their main function is to lightly support or slightly correct the shape.

They are, however, much more important when it comes to larger busts or softer ones. The role of the straps is then significant for taking over the weight of your breasts. The styling of a bra is also important. By relatively deep cups, high bones and wide sides the weight of the breasts is majorly transferred to the chest.

Remember that if the straps are to fulfil their role they have to be properly tighten and you should be able to put two fingers under them. By larger and heavier busts the straps should be laid on shoulder bones, not on the soft part of the shoulders where nerves and blood vessels are trapped. It can cause pains in the neck and increase the risk of migraine. We hope you found the above useful!