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We have prepared a short guide to help you efficiently determine the right size of your bra and to give you a few tips of how to wear it healthy and prettily.

Band size is undeniably crucial when it comes to choosing the proper size of your bra. It’s also quite controversial. According to the former principles of bra-fitting it wasn’t that important, it didn’t have any special function, and hence band was much more loose than in today’s bras. Nowadays we know that if we want to relieve our shoulders and spine, we have to transfer some of the weight of our bust on our corpse. And we can do it by choosing much more tight band size.

The most important thing is to measure your bust without bra. Band size shall be measured twice, loosely and tightly. Do it with the measuring tape and remember that it has to lay flat and smoothly stick to your body all along.

Your next step into establishing the new size of your bra is choosing the right size of a cup. To do it right you need to slightly bend down and measure your bust while you are naked or in a soft bra. Measurement shall be made at the height of your nipples. Remember that the measuring tape shouldn’t stick tight.

How a well-fitted bra should look like? And what are the most common mistakes in the process of fitting the bra? You will find answers to these questions in our short guide.

If your breasts are rounded and firm, the fitting of the bra shouldn’t be a problem at all because they look good in almost every styling.

However, less firm breasts, for example more full at the bottom, look best in cups that are not full and their upper line is horizontal.

For women whose breasts are asymmetric the best bra will be also with horizontal upper line or the one which upper part is made from elastic lace.

For smaller and firm breasts their main function is to lightly support or slightly correct the shape.

They are, however, much more important when it comes to larger busts or softer ones. The role of the straps is then significant for taking over the weight of your breasts. The styling of a bra is also important. By relatively deep cups, high bones and wide sides the weight of the breasts is majorly transferred to the chest.

Remember that if the straps are to fulfil their role they have to be properly tighten and you should be able to put two fingers under them. By larger and heavier busts the straps should be laid on shoulder bones, not on the soft part of the shoulders where nerves and blood vessels are trapped. It can cause pains in the neck and increase the risk of migraine. We hope you found the above useful!